Loosemonkies Bangladesh

With its trademarked analytics system and real time chat functionality, Loosemonkies.com is a one of a kind job portal that provides constant feedback throughout the user experience. Mission Helping Bangladeshis find jobs intelligently! General Information Bd.loosemonkies.com is an all-in-one recruitment solution that gives job seekers and job providers an accurate and open feedback loop that engages, encourages and communicates with both sides of the table. Our innovative and interactive job-site provides prospective employees the tools to do timely and relevant job searches and employers a timely and cost-effective recruitment process by visually demonstrating suitability for a specific job. Our one-touch application process – free of resumes and time-consuming cover letters - and feedback loop empowers prospects by notifying them when their applications have been viewed, how well they rank for a job, and where they stand against their competition, using percentage and percentile rankings, not semantic and key-word matching! Our fun, easy to use, social media platform brings the philosophy of Recruitment 3.0 to the marketplace. And we’ve got people talking, and thinking, and posting their profiles. We’ve done our research and it tells us that the recruitment solutions of the past decade are evolving, but people still need more! Dedicated to our mission of “Putting the World to Work”, we want people to get excited about looking for jobs again, to know that there are jobs that are perfect for them and to give them what they deserve – a communication channel that gives real-time data, continuous feedback, and a world of suitable opportunities, rather than a black hole portal for the millions of resumes that are put out every day. We offer recruiters and hiring managers a cost-effective and time-saving tool that will allow them, with the touch of a button, to rank, rate, sort, filter, short-list and manage potential candidates, effectively and with statistically–sound accuracy.

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