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The fact of the matter is that just about everything that a business does regardless of its genre involves Public Relations on some level. However, during different time periods what areas of any given business that require the most attention from a Public Relations agency can vary. Today for instance, anyone who watches the news can't help but notice that the business climate has changed in certain respects.

Every successful business starts with a plan that details where company expects to be in terms of revenue within three to five years and broadly touches on how it will get there. An articulated communications strategy can help support your company's efforts in meeting the goals of its business plan. A communications strategy, including marketing and Public Relations, it is responsible for building awareness and credibility that leads to sales needed to reach those business objectives.

How many great people with great ideas have you seen perish? Great ideas if not implemented properly are merely figments of imaginations and decay with time.

This is where we come in!

Welcome to Forethought PR!

Forethought PR is a full-service independent PR agency that transforms Great Ideas into ACTIONS. Despite your line of business, we narrate your story to stakeholders in the most effective manner. We make sure our way of story-telling increases your mindshare, your market share and your bottom line while providing strategic counseling to meet demands of the digital age.

We have a robust organogram led by top management with vast experience in government / media relations (100 + years of cumulative work experience in this field)

Over the years, we've established in depth media relationships essential to favorably generate and exhilarate awareness for new and established brands. We can proudly say that our services don't vary with the size of companies-we are an agency wise enough to serve the top notch companies but brisk enough to provide hands-on service to small scale companies as well. The Forethought PR team go deep into their client's market by becoming consumers of the product or service and build solid relationships with the media and its influencers.

We here, are not just caught up in being the peerless PR agency  in the country, we are in fact also caught up in what we do best- i.e. to move our clients' businesses forward, provide optimum service and foster a collaborative environment.

Our specializations include:

360 solution to all communications  need

Help clients choose the right media: In Bangladesh there are more than 400 newspapers, 50 magazines, 10 TV channels and 5 radio channels and emerging strong new media. We are here to help you identify the right media to publicize your organization.

We are here to provide immediate Crisis Management Solutions.

We provide short, medium and long term reputation strategy to clients.

Through the unique tool of Stakeholder Dispositional Funnel we help clients identify their relevant stakeholder, their current impression and rank them accordingly. Clients then can take an informed decision about each stakeholder according to the findings of the study.

Stakeholder Mapping and Classification: Research helps Clients to identify their stakeholders according to how positive or negative each one of them is towards their organization.

Reputation Tracking System: This Research allows clients to see their reputation in the market and plan strategies accordingly.

We strive to blend and fuse the different aspects of media and integrate them into one power-pack package. We help you to choose right. Experience a unique relationship.

Experience a unique agency !

Experience Forethought !

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